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Sunday, 28 October 2018 12:52

Halloween Vocabulary Activity

photo 2         photo 1   HALLOWEEN ACTIVITY


The aim of the controlled activity is to check the meaning of the Halloween words that students have been introduced to, as well as have some Halloween fun.

1. Split your class into two groups.

2. Write the Halloween words you want your students to practise in small pieces of paper and put them in a bowl with some shredded paper.

3. A student from each team comes at the front. Place a desk between them and put the bowl in front of one of the students. The student picks a piece of paper with the Halloween word written on it (the shredded paper makes it more difficult) and describes it to his/her team without saying it. When they do find the word, the student pushes the bowl towards the other student who does the same. Meanwhile, let your students know that every now and then they will hear a bomb explode. When that happens and the bowl is on their side, they lose. Then, different members of their team come at the front and do the same.

(For the bomb explosion I use this one  by adding different duration time intervals. For example, the first one lasts 30 secs, the second one lasts 45 secs etc. Don’t forget to set the sound as well.)


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