Lesson Plans

A selection of lesson plans of all levels for use in EFL classes. The lesson plans contain the teaching stages and procedures as well as the worksheets that will be used in the lesson. All of them are available for free download in PDF format. Your comments and feedback are highly appreciated.

The aim of the lesson is to enable students to use phrasal verbs to talk about their own love stories or the love stories of famous couples.The lesson plan includes all the materials used in the lesson.
The aim of the lesson is to enable the students to use Causative structures in the context of household chores using scaffolding instruction.
Task-based learning is an approach that is widely used in language classrooms and it revolves around meaningful tasks that give opportunities for authentic language use and negotiation of meaning. Students use their existing knowledge and work at their own pace. Some raise the level and some stick to the basics. The aim of the lesson is to practise students' speaking skills by using collocations related to Christmas party arrangements. Find the lesson plan below
The topic of the lesson is art and its aim is to practise students' speaking skills by using expressions on how to express an opinion, an agreement or a disagreement. The lesson is accompanied by a Powerpoint which you can download along with the lesson plan below.
More often than not, students ask teachers’ advice on how to sound more like a native speaker. Besides the distinct pronunciation, the use of emphatic intensifiers is an integral part in the speech of native speakers. The aim of this lesson is to practise students’ speaking skills by using emphatic intensifiers in order to sound more natural when they are talking about something they like or don’t like. Find the lesson plan (with board pictures) below.
There’s been lots of discussion lately whether BBC’s decision to cast a woman in the lead role of Doctor Who was either right or wrong. Inspired by the whole fuss, I planned a lesson based on the issue and the gender stereotypes that surround us. The students seemed to enjoy it and the issue triggered lots of discussion. The main aim of the lesson is to practise students’ reading sub-skills by giving them the chance to predict the content of the…