About me and the philosophy of the site

Yiota Gkiaouri

My name is Yiota Gkiaouri and I have been an English teacher since 2003, teaching both adults and young learners. I started my teaching career in Greece after I had graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature from Aristotle University.

In 2012 I did my CELTA at IH London and 3 years later I did my DELTA and I have been in the UK ever since. I worked as a DOS at Bell St. Albans, where I was organizing the teaching and learning component of the courses and providing teachers with training in project based learning. In the last few years I have been designing and writing courses and materials for YL in China and the UK, and I am currently delivering YL training courses at IH London.

My main interests are in the areas of YL and project-based learning.

The reason of this site is to share all the ideas that I have come up with or discussed with other colleagues over the years. Since I started teaching I have been interested in developing my own materials which I am happy to share as you can download them for free.

However, please bear in mind that the materials are intended for classroom use only and the source must be mentioned. Your comments and feedback are highly appreciated.